PTC Pandemic Ladder 2020

In the weeks leading up to the Club Championship 2020, we will be running a fun ladder game called PTC PANDEMIC 2020. Get Infected Today!


the virus had hit our courts! No not that one! The “Love of Tennis” virus, and it’s spreading!

PTC 2020 Pandemic Badges
Tokens like these have been SEEN around our courts. These are CLEAR indications of a CARRIER OF THE “LOVE OF TENNIS” Virus! An extremely virulent strain has been identified in our region and seems to be on the move!


  1. The virus only seems to spread from those who have tokens to those who do not, only when a minimum 1 set competitive match (doubles or singles) is played.
  2. There is some indication that these tokens and their distribution may be strangely correlated to the Paris Tennis Club Championship, currently scheduled for a weekend Late September.
  3. Play matches only with “clean” players to avoid infection, or with a player who has reduced viral load due to infecting someone in the current week.
  4. Track the spread of the infection at


  1. Infected players can only infect one other player per week. Weekly Virus “Infectable” tokens will be provided to any player who shows their token to the organizer on Monday Night during club competitive play.
  2. Once infected with a token, players are expected to “mark” their name on their token to identify it as their own.
  3. Amongst the “infected”, your personal token can be used to organize mixed social play (i.e. mixed teams from 4 tokens, pull pairs to play random matches, etc.) in order to maintain the virus quarantine on club nights.
  4. Have fun! Play Tennis 🎾.


Known Carriers of the Virus (3):

  • Tom Tranmer
  • Julie Tranmer
  • Hudson Tranmer

Suspected Carriers (3):

  • Oscar Uribe
  • Carson Burr
  • Tomas Oviedo

Who will be next?

P.S. this is all just a joke, no one is really infected!

~ Tom

For some reason 66% of all infections seem to be reported on court #4. Can this be a coincidence, or does it tell us something about this virus’ transmission in the wind?