Private Tennis Lessons

$60.00 - $90.00

Of course it will take more than one private tennis lesson before you “own” a new shot and…

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Have you ever taken a private tennis lesson where you were hitting great backhands or blasting hard serves, but were never able to recreate that success in a match?

Qualified teaching pros know that a private lesson should help you achieve two goals – learn or improve a skill, and then retain that skill. The best coaches set up their lessons to help you learn in such a way that it promotes long-term retention.

Finding the right pro will help you find a partner who can help you reach your maximum potential.

Private tennis lessons help you achieve two goals:

  • Learn a new skill for the first time
  • Improve a stroke or shot you’re currently using

Provide payment here for already-booked private lessons, or contact us today at to coordinate your booking with an available coach.

Coach Bios

Maureen Capel (NCCP Level 1&2) has been coaching & convening at Paris DHS and the County & CWOSSA championships for over 20 years, at OELC & The Paris Tennis Club for the past 3 years.  She is looking forward to working with our younger players again this year- ages 6-16, beginner and intermediate skill levels.