2021 Season Opening Soon

Club Opening is just around the corner! ALL Memberships and Lessons are to be purchased online at theparisclub.ca. We are getting a lot of great inquiries about our 2021 Tennis Season. Thank you to everyone who has purchased their membership and pre-registration lessons to secure spots for our “8-week Spring Session”, beginning early May.

Club Opening Day, is still a go for April 24th in this lockdown with some Covid Safety changes. We are planning for those who have purchased memberships to offer Curb Side Key Pick Up from 10am-2pm. If you are not able to pick up your key on this day please feel free to email info@theparisclub.ca and we can arrange an alternative day and time.

Jr. Lesson Tryouts are to be held on May 1st from 10-1pm. There is a limited number of spots with the lockdown so please ensure that you email our Head Coach Jourdyn jourdyn@theparisclub.ca to reserve a spot for your athlete to meet & hit some balls with other athletes and help our coaches ensure that all athletes with similar skills are grouped together.
Lessons will begin early May, weather dependant. If you have purchased the pre- registration lesson package please ensure that you have also looked after getting the Jr. Membership as well.

2020 Tryouts

Let’s introduce our Coaches.

Head Coach Jourdyn
Jourdyn is a University student at McMaster and started out volunteering with the PTC when she was in high school at PDHS. Jourdyn has been coaching with us for the past 3 years. She has a passion for tennis and supporting young athletes develop skills and increase their confidence on and off the courts. We are happy to have Jourdyn leading our young athletes with our Group Lessons, Semi private and private lessons.

Coach Dora
Dora has been playing tennis since the age of 5. Dora runs The Stefanovic Tennis Academy to help tennis players reach their potential. Teodora has always emphasized a strong coach-athlete relationship, and prioritizes the mental and physical growth of all academy members. She works with several high profile junior players, including Team Canada members in U12 & U14 divisions. We are thrilled that Dora will be coaching our Intermediate Adult programming and Intermediate/Advanced Jr. Lessons on Wednesdays alongside Jourdyn.

Coach Maureen
Maureen has been with the PTC since the beginning. She recently retired from PDHS as a Physical education teacher and head coach for the high school Tennis team. She coached Jourdyn and has been a mentor for so many young athletes in Paris on the courts. We look forward to having Maureen continue to support the growth of our young Jr. Athletes as well our Adult Beginner program.

Coach Tom
Tom has had a passion for Tennis since he was a young boy. Joining the Club in its grass roots he quickly became an advocate for more tennis in our community. Tom brings such a positive inclusive energy to the courts that will not go unnoticed. He loves this sport as it is a sport that you can play for life. We are happy that Tom will be working with Jourdyn to support our Jr. programming as well our Adult Beginner programming.

Coach Julie
Julie has been volunteering with the club early in its growth. She is a Fitness Coach that supports the other coaches on and off the courts. She is a Yoga instructor and has a passion for moving your body in a way that uplifts you and supports your mental and physical health. We look forward to having Julie support our Adult Fitness and Beginner programming together with Tom.

*Please note that during this pandemic we are following the guidlines set out by the OTA and County of Brant. During our Spring season Please note that the courts are on school property and members are not able to access the courts during school hours.

The Paris Tennis Club 2021

I trust that everyone had a safe and happy winter filled with as much outdoor activities as you desired. Now the birds begin to sing and the tennis courts begin to shine! Spring is officially here and the obvious questions then present….. When are the nets going up? How can I get a membership? When can I get a Key to the courts?

I’m happy to let you know that the nets will be going up at the beginning of April. You can get your PTC Membership online NOW! Yes that’s right, NOW! simply log onto our site theparisclub.ca and register for your membership. Our Club Opening Day is set for April 24th 10am-2pm (weather dependant). At which point you can pick up your key and meet some of of our board members, coaches and other players from your community.

If you are new to the club, welcome! We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our passion for tennis. We have an annual tradition, we welcome our members to come out on Opening Day with some leaf bags, garbage bag, a rack (if you have one), a pair of gloves and help us tidy around the courts picking up all the leaves & winter debris. This is just one of our opportunities to show the school and the county how much we appreciate these 4 beautiful courts that are well maintained in our community.

We are looking at kicking off our Jr. Programming at the beginning of May weather dependant. Registration for our Programs will be online as well. We will be holding tryouts for everyone interested in Jr. Programming on Saturday May 1st from 10am-1. Please email your registration for this day to Coach Jourdyn. Please indicate your child(rens) Name, Age and Time slot.

Tryout Schedule:

Then there is the big pink elephant in the room that everyone is exhausted hearing about and talking about but is essential. Yup, that’s right, COVID! The PTC follows the guidelines that are put into place by the OTA (Ontario Tennis Association) and work with the County of Brant to ensure that safe play is top priority. The County looks after sanitation stations around the courts along with porta potty. It is important that we respect the rules that are put in place as Tennis is a sport that we all love and want to have available to us. The rules are constantly changing so please keep yourself informed and know that we are in this together.

Yours in Good Health,
PTC Board

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Outdoor Tennis COVID Framework

The PTC is a member of the OTA (Ontario Tennis Association). As we are preparing our 2021 season we want you to know our board members are all volunteers that work hard to create a safe playing environment for our members during our programming to allow development of a beautiful sport and a fun atmosphere to play. Please note that the courts are shared with other members of the community and organized programming and may follow different guidelines. We are not here to police others on and around the court. We are here to ensure that we can create a Fun and Safe environment for our members and do this by following the OTA COVID Response Framework for Outdoor Tennis.

Junior Lessons 2020 Updates

Hey Tennis Team!
Thanks to all our players for making the first half of our 2020 season a great success and so much fun! With so many new players and so many players continuing to improve their skills and athletic capabilities, all our coaches can see the hard work paying off that you are putting in! Next Week is Lesson Week #8 (Final Week), and so we will have concluded PTC Session # 1 by August 8th.

As a reward for our players, we will be running a FUN DAY Challenge Session for Red and Orange Level Beginners on Monday, August 10th at 4pm. Players from classes on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, some Wednesday players (at their discretion) and private lesson students will be invited to this session where players will be challenged by coaches to achieve a certain goal on target practice or rally skills in order to earn points, climb the leaderboard and win prizes. This is intended as a fun competition for players who are not ready for full match play. Register Here for your spot via email in the FUN DAY Play Session . [warning: candy prizes may be included]

For all players in intermediate and advanced lesson groupings, we will be running a multi-day junior tournament at PTC! Here’s how the show will run:

  1. Any interested players from any lesson grouping at PTC or other junior members, register your interest here via email for entry into the 2020 PTC Junior Invitational
  2. Draws will be set for entry into Qualifying and Round 1. Matches to be scheduled beginning at 4pm on Wednesday, August 12th. Based on entries received and court time available, BYE’S may be granted to some players, and play divisions may be set by coaches rankings. Play will conclude with Day 2 – QF, Semi-Finals, and Finals (as required) beginning at 4pm on Thursday, August 13th. Play will be scheduled to conclude no later than 7pm on Thursday.
  3. Awards ceremony will follow during the next week of lessons to honour the tournament champions. 
  4. All participants will receive a small prize for their participation, as well as light fruit and snacks provided by the PTC during the play sessions.

Both the 2020 Junior Invitational Tournament and the 2020 FUN DAY Challenge Play are free for all current PTC junior members to participate.

New Lesson Series

I’m happy to announce our next round of lessons will be scheduled for 6 weeks and is scheduled to begin on the week of August 17th. This puts the class on schedule concluded by week of September 21st, with no weather delays.
When school begins in the fall, we have been informed that we will not be given access to any courts during school hours, so all lesson groupings will be run in the evening and weekend slots we have been provided. The coaches will determine player interest from registrations and tryouts and will allocate students for best fit of lesson grouping. In order to accommodate this variability, a lesson product for pre-registration has been made available on the site for purchase if you want to secure your spot on court. Please Note that while the purchase of this product will hold your lesson spot, if the coaches determine we have sufficient players of advanced level capability to run a longer (more than 1 hour) or more involved program, there may be an additional cost required for the additional coaching time.https://theparisclub.ca/product/2020-lesson-series-2-pre-registration-product/ 

Monday 4pm
Monday 5pm
Wednesday 4pm
Wednesday 5pm
Thursday 4pm
Thursday 5pm
Saturday 9am
Saturday 10am

All time slots to be allocated by coaches. These hours are court priority for PTC and we have access to allocate 6 students / 1 coach. At 7 students for a single session, a second coach will be allocated an so on, as interest and availability persist. Our goals are to get as many students learning and hitting with their peers as a enhancement to private lesson and casual social play activities. Coaches have indicated seem availability for private lessons continuing through the summer season.

Tom Tranmer
Paris Tennis Club

COVID-19, What it means for us, today.

Dear PTC members,

We are going through some hard times these days and I know we all want to get out and play tennis. Sadly our courts in behind the Paris district high school have been and are still closed due to COVID-19. We have been advised by the County of Brant that they will not consider the reopening of the courts until April 6th, at the earliest. As soon as we have more information to report on the reopening dates of the courts, we will send out a message to you via this mailing list.

Memberships are currently available for sale online for the 2020 season. If we are unable to open and run a full season of programming those who have already purchased memberships for the 2020 season will either have the option to extend their membership one extra year without charge or get a full refund.

At  this time our opening day get-together may need to be postponed, but at this time we are still hoping to be all to run all of our regular seasonal events, including 2020 club championship and summer fun tournament.

Lesson programming is currently available for registration on the website, however at this time we recommend holding off on signing up due to the uncertainty of our start dates. We hope to be able to offer a full season of lesson programming but we are most concerned at this time about being good citizens of the community.

Thank you for your patience,


Hudson Tranmer
Jr. Member & Volunteer
Paris Tennis Club

Pay Anything

Lights on the Fritz

FYI, to all court users: the power at the light stand are still experiencing issues. Please adjust your play schedule to suit the available lighting conditions until further notice.


PTC 2019 Season Direction Survey

What is the #1 most important thing for PTC to focus on in 2019?We want to move with our membership! Let us know how we can best serve our Tennis Community in 2019 and moving forward. You can vote in this poll only once per day, but you can feel free to register multiple votes if you feel strongly that we should focus our attention for improvement in multiple directions.