Adult Organized Programs

Adult Organized Play Sessions

Paris Tennis Club Courts

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*Note: Registration not required for club play, but those registering will be given court and match priority in the organizers schedule.

** NEW ** Seniors Social AM Play (2 courts):
Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-11:00am (July & Aug.)

Competition Night (Doubles/Singles/Ladder):
Monday 7:00-10:00pm


Social Night (Doubles and Singles):
Tuesday 7:00-10:00pm

Mixed Doubles:
Thursday 7:00-10:00pm

Social Play Evenings:

Get out and play with other players of your skill level in our community. Enjoy some fun and fitness with your club members on the courts at the Paris Tennis Club. Club organizers will be appointed to keep play moving and ensure everyone gets equal fun and enjoyment from the evening’s play session. Register in advance to book a SINGLES or DOUBLES LADDER match, or just to be on the notification list in the event of inclement weather. Looking forward to seeing you put that practice into action out on the courts!


Join us on Wednesdays and Weekends in the morning for some Tennis Fitness Training. We will be incorporating a basic body strengthening program designed to help you build up your fitness base for tennis. We will also be hitting balls and moving on the court to improve cardio response and performance. Finally, we will finish with a stretching program designed to target, lengthen and strengthen all of the fundamental muscle groups we use everyday for tennis. Get fitter and faster on the courts and get fitter for life!


Join us on Thursdays in the evening for some Tennis Drills Training. Will include ball machine work for single stroke practice as well as training a pattern of shot drills. Come on out and hit some balls.

Practice Clinics – GROUP TRAINING

Join us on Tuesdays in the morning and evening for some Tennis Stroke Training. Will include review of a fundamental tennis mechanic and a training session to practice that particular technique. Sessions will include, “Ball Controls: Direction, Depth, and Height”, “Footwork Fundamentals”, and “Preparation for Success”.

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