PTC Summer Lessons and Programming Updates

Happy Summer Everyone,

I just wanted to jump in here with a quick message regarding the conclusion of our first week of 8-sessions, and the availability of lessons packages for the remainder of the outdoor season. We will be planning lessons through the end of September, so stay sharp for the Club Championships by renewing in a lesson series today.

First off, a big thanks to everyone with their patience with the weather delays this season. It has reminded me how much headache could be saved if we had facilities that could accommodate practices in the rain 😛

We have some VERY exciting Tennis initiatives and partnerships for 2019 in our community to announce in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to the PTC newsletter and make sure to enjoy all the hits you can this season.

Lesson Series Renewals and Registration

Spots in lesson groupings are available now to any and all interested players, and also NEW OPTIONS are available via the new SUMMERflex Lesson program (see below).

Spring Season Wrap-up

  • Monday (Red & Orange) – 2 Sessions Remaining : Last Session July 15
  • Wednesday (Green) – Last Session July 3 THIS WEEK
  • Thursday (Red) – Last Session July 4 THIS WEEK
  • Friday (Green & Adult) – OFF THIS WEEK July 5 – Beginning again 7/12/2019
  • Saturday (Red) – Last Session July 6  SummerFun Tournament July 13th

SummerFun Tournament 2019: 
Save the Date July 13th

Come join us for the Third Annual SummerFun Tennis Tournament, to be held on: Saturday, July 13th (Rain-Date: July 14th) at Paris Tennis Club, with the following schedule:

• 10 am – 12 pm RED Level games and activities for Juniors
• at 12 pm SIGN-IN for Junior Competitive Tournament
• 12 pm – 1 pm BBQ LUNCH ($) for All Juniors and Volunteers
• 1 pm – 4 pm Junior Competitive Tournament
• 4 pm – 5 pm Open Court Play, Demos and Warm-Up
• at 5 pm SIGN IN for Adult Competitive Tournament
• 5 pm – 6 pm BBQ DINNER ($) for all Adults and Volunteers
• 5 pm – 10:30 pm Adult Tournament
• Singles (Division 1 / Division 2)
• Doubles (Mixed Teams)

Tournament Entry will be FREE for all Paris Club Members. Food available at additional cost.
Register today with an email to, or online at to secure your spot in the tournament. Registration for each section of the draws will be open to drop-ins until the event starts, but advance registrations will help us to plan and organize the event for player numbers.

NEW Lesson Series DATES and NEW Coaching Assignments 

** NEW ** SUMMERflex Lesson Options –
or those with many summer plans

For those looking to keep it loose this summer, but still add in weekly lessons and practice for both Juniors and Adults when you can, Paris Tennis Club is now offering $20 per lesson drop-in programming for ALL AVAILABLE* 1.5h program slots and $10 per lesson for all 1h lessons. Players with advance registrations will always receive priority placement for available practice slots. If program is full, due to court or coaching availability, then no additional drop-in players will be accepted.
Available Programming Includes:

  • ** NEW ** Wednesday 6:30pm  Green Ball 1.5h Session with Dora and Jourdyn Coaching and increased player cap-limit of 12.
  • ** NEW ** Thursday 6:00pm Ladies Only Summer Clinic with Coach Dora 
  • All 1.5h Junior Lesson Programming
  • Friday 6:00pm Adult Intermediate Lesson Programming with Coach Dora

And for $10, drop in to any 1h Junior Program:

  • All Red Level Lessons 

*Please note, lesson space availability must be confirmed via email in advance of drop-in session. Unconfimred participants will be turned away if the session is filled up. **Payment of lesson fees can be provided in-person to the staff on hand or coach, or in advance with online payment via Stripe Credit Card with our new “Submit a Payment” form.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts.


Tom Tranmer
Paris Tennis Club

Pay Anything

Tennis Ladder Competition

Dufferin Tennis Club & Paris Tennis Club

June 24-August 25, 2019 

Women’s                          Men’s                           Juniors

 Sponsored by.     

with cooperation of:

Dufferin Club of Brantford

Structure of Ladder Competition 


  • A maximum of 30 players per ladder
    • Men’s Division I and II, 
    • Women, 
    • Doubles, & 
    • Junior Ladder Division I & II


  • Best of 3 sets
  • Players score their own matches
  • Playing with ads


  • A ladder will be displayed on the website showing all the players names. (participants will be provided their own login info asap)
  • When players win a match against somebody above them – they switch places on the ladder.
  • The match results must be submitted by 2pm each Sunday  
  • Players submit their scores on the website that they will be able to access with their personal login, or via email to 


  • The start of the ladder competition is June 24th and conclusion date is August 25th. Players will be given an opponent each week, and matches must be played in the period between Monday – Sunday of that week.


  • The winners are the persons at the top of each of their respective ladders on the finish date of August 25, 2019.
  • The winners will get


& BABOLAT TENNIS RACQUET (1 per competition ladder)

  • The TOP 8 players in each ladder will represent Dufferin & Paris Tennis Clubs at the “Inter Club Competition 2020”
  • Home court for the “Inter Club Competition” will be Paris Tennis Club

ALSO, we will have:

  • Player of the week awards
  • Player of the month awards
  • Most improved players award


Please Include: 




Lights on the Fritz

FYI, to all court users: the power at the light stand are still experiencing issues. Please adjust your play schedule to suit the available lighting conditions until further notice.


PARTICIPACTION Community Challenge

Yes, that PARTICIPACTION. If you’re at least my age then you likely remember the commercials with Hal and Joanne on public access television.

Well, PARTICIPACTION is back with a community challenge for us here in Brant County. Fortunately for them, with tennis players on their team we’ve got his competition in the bag! As you can see below, Competitive Night Tennis last night, along with coaching our great kids has me surpassed the WEEKLY GOAL.

Multiply that by the 19 Players we had last night (9 kids and 10 adults) and I’d say we can take on any community 🙂

The challenge starts on Friday, May 31st, so login at the website and/or get the app and join me in testing the limits of what their tracking system can handle and let’s show these community challengers how we really move!

Phone Screenshot, Tuesday AM:

PARTICIPACTION App Phone Screenshot – Click to visit the Community Challenge Website

Here are the details of the competition below from your recreation team at County of Brant

The County of Brant Recreation Team has an exciting opportunity for our communities. We are participating in ParticipACTION’S Community Better Challenge, this is a new event that just started this year.

What is it?

The ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge is a physical activity challenge. It is open to all communities and individuals, to recognize Canada’s Most Active Community and awarding it with 
$150,000.00 to support local physical activity initiatives. Five regional winners will also be recognized and receive 
$20,000.00 each to support local physical activity initiatives. 
The challenge period is; May 31st to June 16th, 2019.
Why Get Involved?
The challenge will help strengthen our communities through physical activity and sport. The Community Better Challenge encourages all Canadians to sit less and move more together, through our ongoing programming, activities and events that we are already promoting through June is Recreation and Parks Month. Time to show Canada what Brant County Sport Clubs, Organizations, and affiliates have to offer!
The County of Brant is taking the lead and encouraging our communities to be more physical active, by creative inclusive programming and by being more socially connected.
How to Get involved?
All that is required are the following;
1.       Download the ParticipACTION app and track your personal minutes as well up too 6 family members;

We invite you to join us in our efforts to being CROWNED CANADA’S MOST ACTIVE COMMUNITY.

PTC News and OTA Tennis Updates

Rogers Cup is coming soon! Read on below for Club Trip info.

at 8:00 for
Mixed Doubles Play! 

All Players Welcome!

Help out a Western U Student

My name is Sarah Deck, and I am a PhD student at Western University. I am studying emotions and coping in athletes, specifically double racquet sport athletes. I have two studies, that you, and hopefully members of your club would be interested in participating in. We (myself and my supervisor Dr. Hall) are curious about the impact of partnerships on emotional responses of athletes. For example, if emotional responses become similar over a season. One of the studies would take place over your next competative season, and involves meeting with the athletes three times (beginning, middle and end of season), at a time that would work best for them. The partners do need to agree and participant together.
The second study, is an online survey, that takes 5-10 minutes to fill out, and asks athletes about their emotional regulation when playing with their doubles partners.
If you are interested and would like to know or discuss more, I would be happy to send you the letter of information or set up a call or meeting. I think this research would be very helpful for athletes, and would love if you and your members would like to be involved!

Below is the link to the online survey, we would be happy if you could forward this to your members or any contacts you may have that would be interested.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Sarah Deck, MSc
Western University 
T: (905) 902-1238


Green Level 4:30pm
Adult Int. 6:00pm
Red Level 9:00am – Coach Tom
Red Level 5:30pm  – Coach Tom
Orange Level 6:30pm
Orange Level 5:30pm
Green Level 6:30pm


Adult Mixed Social 8:00pm
Adult AM Doubles Matches 7:00am ** DROP-IN FIRST SESSION **
Adult Competitive 8:00pm
Adult Ladies 7:30pm

Notes: both Adults and Juniors are also welcome to join me for drop-in and open practice rallies and drills sessions in the practice timeslots on weekdays as per below.

Friday AM Play session will be set to begin on Friday May 24th, following Victoria Day Weekend at 7:00am – 8:30am. The first week will be DROP IN, no registration required, but Email me if you can!

Merchant of Tennis is hosting Player Appreciation Day on May 25th at its 2 locations (1621 Bayview Ave., Toronto & 361 Cornwall Road, Olde Oakville Marketplace, Oakville). 

If you can’t make it in person, you can shop for great deals online at: . 

Make sure to save the date for savings on all the latest equipment and apparel!

Junior & Adult Lessons – Register Now

Still some Junior spots available. Thursday daytime session is a possibility at 11:30-12:30 with 4 interested players – Let me know.

Late registrants will be offered pro-rated lesson rates for lessons remaining, based on coaching and court availability. Once the session have been filled, registration will be closed until the summer sessions.

Check out all the offerings online now at send any questions in to 


Service Swing Path -> Flat Serve

Click the image above to view the video from Essential Tennis on YouTube.

Good video coaching showing the difference in the swing path trajectory to hit a flat drive on the serve. A good review for those with “natural” swing path service spin.


Note: Due to school bus schedules in May, Tom will be arriving 30 minutes later @4pm for May only.

Warm-Up w/ Tom 4:00pm – 4:30pm
Drop-In Scramble *Open Play* No Coaches 10:00am – 11:30am
Drop-In Practice & Play w/ Tom 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Drop-In Practice & Play w/ Tom OFF
Drop-In Practice & Play w/ Tom 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Warm-Up w/ Tom 4:00pm – 4:30pm

Planning Begins, ROGERS CUP CLUB TRIP 2019!

The Ladies of the WTA will be in Toronto this year, including Canada’s own Premier Mandatory Champion, BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells in 2019, Bianca Andreescu. Let’s go cheer them on as a club and see some great matches LIVE.

If you’re interested in the event, send me a message to to get on the email list for direct communication. 

The Club Trip in 2018 saw some wicked singles and doubles matches!

FYI: The typical procedure for weather is as follows for all programming: **

  1. If updates are available throughout the day pertaining to weather, they will be posted to our Public Facebook Page at: 
  2. If the weather is certain that the program needs to be cancelled in advance of the lesson start, an email notice will go out to Students of a Lesson Program, 1 hour – 45 minutes in advance of the start time.
  3. If a last-minute lesson cancellation is required due to weather (within 45 min or lesson start or lesson end) the cancellation will be posted to our Public Facebook Page at: 

So keep an eye on your email on program days and check out the Facebook Page for the latest updates.

Friday AM Match Play

New for 2019!!!

At GSM this winter, we have been playing a Friday AM Match Play with a keen group of players and are looking to continue this offering at PTC and also expand it to fill our Spring and Summer Seasons for players at both clubs.

All players will be grouped according to:

  1. Player availability
  2. Skill level
  3. Game preference

Interested members should submit their names and availability to me (Tom) for the months of May and June in the AM. I will be working with all players to see about how we can work it out to get as many interested players out on court for organized match play.

Match play with be organized with the coaches and will be announced via email and posted for players on the website at

Thanks for playing! See you soon!


PTC 2019 Season Direction Survey

What is the #1 most important thing for PTC to focus on in 2019?

We want to move with our membership! Let us know how we can best serve our Tennis Community in 2019 and moving forward. You can vote in this poll only once per day, but you can feel free to register multiple votes if you feel strongly that we should focus our attention for improvement in multiple directions.

Why I Love Tennis

There are few activities in this world that are as perfect a combination of physical activity, mental strategy and fine-detail execution as a good match of Tennis. Keeping on the court in the spring summer and fall helps me to keep not only my game in line, but also my life. I relish the opportunity to hot some balls with all of my fellow members in the coming year. A big thanks to Krista and Karel for making the team of a tennis club in to a reality for all of us to enjoy.