Good morning Club members,

As we all know the courts are on school property.  This means that we do not have full control of playable time. School is back in action and we have to respect their very tight restrictions on time as a precaution that they the school board has put in place for property use.  

How does this effect the Paris Tennis Club you ask?  
This means that we do not have access to the courts between the hours of 8-6pm. This means even if the courts are empty (we know this is heart breaking) no one may access the courts throughout the daytime.  
Our slotted times for the club are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6pm. We will be using this time to complete our Jr lessons on 1 courts and have access to 2 courts for adult play, leaving one court open to the public. 

I’m sorry if this has impacted your regular play time. We all are wanting to soak up as much outdoor play time As possible. 

Please stay kind and cooperative as we wrap up our season. 

Julie Tranmer
A Note from the County Office regarding Tennis Court Hours 

Hi everyone, the County has put together a schedule for the usage of the tennis courts starting Tuesday September 8, 2020.  Due to the courts not being available until 6:00pm and the lights not being operational we thought this was the best moving forward.

Paris Tennis Club will operate the following days and times below as they need to have their youth program finished up
Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 6pm- until dark
Saturdays 9am-11am.
There will be one court open for public asses during all the above times.
They would like the Saturday & Sunday Sept 26 & @7 for their end of year championships.

Pickle Ball  
Will have the designated time Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:00pm until dark. There will need to be one court left open for public access.
We are suggesting if pickle ball users are interested in daytime use, they use Poplar Hills Park, or the Buford Community centre (these courts have just been re done).
We recognize this year has been very difficult with the lights, not being able to use the courts earlier and etc., we appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Lisa Koekoek 
Recreation Coordinator
Hi everyone,
We have received more information and a definitive answer from the school board regarding court usage before 6pm. Unfortunately, we have not been given permission to use the courts prior to 6pm during the weekdays. This affects our scheduled lesson groupings on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The new lesson time changes are effectively immediately. Here are the new lesson hour changes (please note that they differ slightly from the proposed adjustments):

Monday’s 4pm-5pm would change to Monday’s 6pm-7pm
Monday’s 5pm-6pm would change to Monday’s 7pm-8pm
Wednesday’s 4pm-5pm would change to Thursday’s 6pm-7pm
Wednesday’s 5pm-6pm would change to Thursday’s 7pm-8pm

My apologies for the change midway through the season. Please let me know if these new time spots do not work for you. We will try to come up with a solution or reimburse you for the remainder of the season. Thank you for all your cooperation and consideration. 
Coach Jourdyn